Laser MINI 6040 Cutting Equipment

The Laser MINI equipment with working area of 60 x 40, ideal for market beginners, that are rigorous and looking for high quality and precision on rigid materials customization. This laser produces precisely 0,05mm and has velocity up to 48.000mm/min.

10 thousand hours of 60W laser tube useful usage, with total potential of the 1000w equipment. It comes with manual lifting table for necessary adjusts according to material thickness and water pump for laser tube temperature control.

A reliable and qualified product, with optional rotary axis tool, for cylindrical materials engraving. The Laser MINI records and cuts materials like acrylic, paper, leather, MDF and much more.


CUTTING SPEED0-48.000mm/min



With Laser Cut MINI 6040 you are able to produce in: acrylic, wood, PVC, organic glass, paper, leather, clothing, rubber and other non-metal materials.


Technical Information

Laser CUT MINI Description:

  • Design developed for the demandings european and american markets;
  • European Conformity Certificate (CE), and other certificates like ISO, FDA e IAF;
  • CO2 60W Laser Tube, higher cutting speed, with+-0.05mm accuracy;
  • 10.000 use hours on laser tube;
  • TOP 1st in China tubo laser quality;
  • 600x400mm useful area, versatile for multiple markets;
  • High precision, providing 1x1mm sources recording;
  • Manual adjustment table;
  • Red Dot origin location point system;
  • DSP system for production management;
  • Water pump cooling system (CHILLER optional), for system protection and longevity;

Comes with:

  • Laser MINI6040 cutting and contour machine;
  • Water pump;
  • Chiller (optional);
  • Rotary System for cylindrical surface (optional);
  • Honeycomb table

Warranty and training:

  • 1 year warranty in Brazil;
  • Online technical support for guidelines and questions;
  • Included operational training at guest’s establishment for 2 days. Just travel expenses are on behalf of the customer.