MegaPLOT TC1261 Cutting Plotter

MegaPLOT TC1261 Auto Sensor Cutting Plotter is a vinyl cutter, designed bold and compact, providing high precision and productivity.  It has a totally automatic sensor for cut and coutour marks reading, making the process faster, more practical, and with millimetric precision, once it does not depend on the operator reading.

This is surely one of the best cost benefits of the market. The plotter is  recommended for signaling, visual communication, textile, glass, silkscreen and gift markets, measuring 1,26m width. Includes Professional FlexiStarter V12 software.


  • LCD easy interaction display, with advanced control via software;
  • Cutting and contouring function with automatic sensor for cut marks recognition;
  • 64MB internal memory;
  • Enables reaching maximum velocity of 800mm/s with adjustable pressure up to 800g.
  • Interface UBS or Serial RS232;


  • Bold, robust and durable design;
  • Aluminium structure and metal alloys with excellent finish;
  • High precision and productivity equipment;
  • 1,26m cutting width;
  • 1,34m maximum material width;
  • 15 m maximum cutting length;
  • 0.1mm accuracy repetition;
  • 0.0254mm/passe mechanical resolution;
  • USB 2.0 Interface;
  • HP-GL / DM-PL emulation;
  • Power supply 220V / 50-60Hz.




Which one is the best?


Actually there are 3 cutting plotter categories on the market, with different quality levels, and know about this differences is extremely important to make the best decision.

  • Cutting plotter “with automatic sensor”of cutting marks recognition: Produces since the most simple cored vinyl cuts up to contour cuts, that can bring the file fot the TC1261 after using your printer and cut the contour, being able to produce non limited colored stickers, degrades, tags, totens etc. In just 4 passes you will be cutting contour with more precision and less risk of loosing materials for operational mistakes, increasing the productivity. This is MegaPLOT’s TC1261 category. 
  • Cutting plotter with “Laser Sight”: This category is able to cut simple colores vinyl and cut and contouring too, but the procedure depends totally on the operator, what brings more risk for the jobs, and there are 12 the number of passes between the beginning and the end of the process. More chance of contourings imprecision, operational failures and less productivity.
  • “Simple” Cutting Plotter: This category just cuts colored vinyls and cannot cut works come from your printer. If you have a printer, this category is not a good option, because it dramatically reduces the job opportunities. Normally this plotters are more economical, but this restriction ends up harming the cost bennefits relation.

Do the best choice for your production:  MegaPLOT TC1261 Auto Sensor.



O FlexiSIGN SC Cloud  da SAi é um pacote de layout e recorte para um único dispositivo de saida (Single Cutter) que apresenta recursos de importação/ exportação de arquivos, total manipulação de textos e drivers diretos para os cortadores de vinil mais populares do mercado.


  • Sinalização de vitrines e frotas em geral;
  • Para corte de materiais transfer, como logos e camisetas;
  • Sinalização e design gráfico;
  • Desenvolvimento artístico, artesanato e rótulos.


  • Uma solução para design e saída básicos de caracteres de recorte de vinil;
  • Ferramentas poderosas de criação de texto com capacidade de edição interativa na tela;
  • Os controles interativos Ladrilhos / Painéis permitem a economia de material e de tempo;
  • Os filtros de importação que mais se destacam no setor oferecem a flexibilidade de fazer importações de outros aplicativos de design;
  • O controle do espaço de trabalho permite que os usuários de outros softwares definam o espaço de trabalho para parecer e funcionar como muitos outros aplicativos populares.

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Warranty and training:

  • 1 year warranty in Brazil;
  • Technical manual in Portuguese;
  • Online technical support for guidelines and questions;
  • Included operational training at guest’s establishment for 2 days. Just travel expenses are on behalf of the customer.


  • FlexiStarter Cloud plotter software.
  • Included CorelDRAW drive for direct cut.