InnoFLEX UV LED Printer

InnoFLEX UV LED Printer  is a latest generation device, recommended for indoor and outdoor projects made with flexible materials and UV Curable ink, combining high productivity with low printing and maintenance cost. Gathering in an only equipment the high resolution japanese technology Konica Minolta with the new heads KM1024iwith 14 picoliters and awesome shooting frequency of 45kHz.

Bringing excellent quality and production results, the InnoFLEX UV LED Plotter is a highlight on visual communication and signaling market, that was needing a bold, versatile, economical and reliable product, that counts with monoblock structure, two THK linear guides, Panasonic servo motor, UV LED lamps drying system and rewinding made by tensioned roll. The machine is able to produce in flexible substrates for indoor and outdoor usage with 1440 dpi resolution. The InnoFLEX UV LED plotter is available in 3204 and 3208 versions, providing velocity up to 150m²h.

Check also options for KM1024 with 14pL heads and KM1024i with 6pL that reaching 2880dpi heads.



4 Cabeças KM1024i8 cabeças KM1024i
3 PASSES (Produção)52m2/h;105 m2/h
4 PASSES (Normal):38m2/h;75m2/h
6 PASSES (Qualidade):28m2/h;56m2/h

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Using InnoFLEX UV LED plotter you can produce: outdoors, facades, wrapping, front light, panels, industrial and architecture signaling, display, PDV, fleets, totems, signaling and others.

Technical Information

InnoFLEX UV LED Printer Description:

  • Konica Minolta KM1024i MHB/14Pl printing technology (Option for KM1024);
  • 3,20m print width;
  • Bold, robust and durable design;
  • Aluminium structure and metal alloys with excellent finish;
  • Panasonic servo motor, greater accuracy and longevity;
  • Two THK linear guides for greater accuracy;
  • High precision and productivity equipment;
  • Most stable and balanced of the market;
  • 1440 dpi maximum printing resolution;
  • High power and less energy consumption UV LED drying system;
  • Table media attachment system with adjusted vacum;
  • 3 stages material heating, with adjustable temperature;
  • Flashjet system anti-clogging print heads;
  • Auto-Purgue system for print heads cleaning;
  • USB interface;
  • Power supply 220V / 50-60Hz  / 20A.
  • Possible UPGRADE for 8 heads.

Comes with InnoFLEX UV LED:

  • Impressora InnoFLEX UV LED;
  • Included original PhotoPRINT DX CLOUD plotter software;
  • Windows 7 compatible drivers;
  • Pedestal with automatic feeder;
  • Automatic rewinder;
  • Free color calibration profiles (ICC) creation using original ink;
  • (01) UV Digital Premium ink kit;
  • (01) liter of cleaning solvent;

Software PhotoPRINT DX Cloud

  • Guarde e compartilhe arquivos na nuvem SAi;
  • Estimativa de consumo de tinta;
  • Edição e corte de contorno;
  • Banco de dados de cores planas, Pantone e tons especiais;
  • Acesso rapido a paginas de apoio técnico, perfís ICC e informativos detalhados de produção.


  • Verdadeiro motor PDF RIP;
  • Todas as ferramentas para edição: vetores/bitmap;
  • Otimização (Nesting) avançada;
  • Panelização & Otimização Nesting para produção;
  • Ferramentas avançadas de Corte de Contornos;
  • Controle simultâneo de até 5 dispositivos de saída.


  • Visualize os trabalhos produzidos em seus equipamentos através de seu celular ou tablet;
  • Ferramenta de copias Papel de Parede;
  • Estimativa de custos para impressão têxtil;
  • Ferramenta para acabamentos, pontos para aplicação de ilhós;
  • Ferramenta de Rapport para impressão Têxtil;
  • Ferramenta de criação de Perfis;
  • Controle de cor por objeto.

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Warranty and training:

  • 1 year warranty in Brazil;
  • Technical manual in Portuguese;
  • Online technical support for guidelines and questions;
  • Included operational training at guest’s establishment for 2 days. Just travel expenses are on behalf of the customer.

MP UV DIGITALtintas-uv

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